4 Creative Design Ideas for Promotional Flyers to Market Your Restaurant

Published: 22nd February 2010
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Among the effective and cheapest marketing materials that you can use to promote your restaurant are flyers. These prints are also very versatile that you can distribute them using several methods. You can hand them out on streets, mail them, leave stacks of them near the cashier or staple them with the customer's invoice. But the effectiveness of flyer prints depends on the designs. Unique, eye-catching and interesting prints will serve as your hook to keep those restaurant patrons coming.

Flyers with photos of various foods and drinks offered are common for restaurant promotion. For your restaurant marketing, why not try to be different by using just the "specialty of the house" instead of too many dishes. This is a good way to promote and highlight the dishes that no one but your restaurant offers. To help you with your flyer designs, here are creative design ideas for promotional flyers that you can think about.

4 Creative Ideas to Design Your Restaurant Flyers

Photos of your restaurant's specialty presented in a delectable manner can be the main focus of your flyer prints. You can highlight the dish in your flyers by including high resolution photo, writing succinct description and adding interesting information about it. A professional photographer can capture an image in a unique and interesting angle so better to have them do it if you don't have skills with cameras.

If your restaurant boasts using the freshest ingredients, you can use fresh food ingredients as the main design of your flyer. Instead of showcasing photos of your foods, you can use photos of delicious-looking vegetables, meat, fruits, beans, etc. In your flyers, you can also state the benefits of using only fresh ingredients on food preparation as well as the difference that these can make on the tastes.

If you have your own vegetable garden at the back of your restaurant where you pick tomatoes, basil, rosemary, asparagus and other ingredients; you can create a concept out of the idea that you use ingredients that you have grown yourself. In your prints, you can include a photo of your chef or yourself picking the vegetables. This will further highlight your claim that your foods are prepared using the finest and the freshest homegrown ingredients.Another good angle to promote your restaurant is by showing how your kitchen looks. Photos of clean and organized kitchen that only produces appetizing and delectable foods would look great on your flyers. This is a good way of promoting a diner - instead of the usual photos of foods and drinks.

These are 4 ways to show your restaurants in a different light using marketing flyers. These, however, are just few creative design ideas for promotional flyers and not the absolute. In fact, out of these suggestions, you can come up with your own creative concepts that you can use when designing your promotional materials.

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